About company
About company

Information about company:
The closed joint stock company "Kyrgyz Petroleum Company" (CJSC "KPC" or the Company) is subsidiary enterprise of OJSC "Kyrgyzneftegaz" (OJSC "KNG") who at present moment owns 100% of shares of the company. 
The company is engaged in production of oil products from oil and other types of raw materials and provides services in processing.  At present the enterprise produces 3 types of production:  gasoline, diesel, mazut. 
The refinery (oil refinery) of CJSC "KPC" is designed for processing of 500,000 tons of crude oil in a year and a little smaller volume of alternative raw materials, such as gas condensate, distillates and sub-standard oil products.  The main partner of the Company is the enterprise - the owner of OJSC "Kyrgyzneftegaz". 
The list number of staff as of January 01, 2014 makes 193 persons. From them managers 23 persons (11.91%), specialist 26 people (13.47%), employees 3 persons (1.5%), workers 141 persons (73.05%). The management of the Company completely provided the quantitative and qualitative staff of the enterprise.
CJSC "KPC" is one of the largest taxpayers of Jalal-Abad region. So, in 2013 the company paid about 94,7 million som of taxes and mandatory payments to the state treasury. Allocations to the KR State Social Fund made 7,7 million som.

The superior body of management of the company is General shareholder meeting, with the right of decision-making on all questions of activities of the Company.  Further on hierarchy of management there is a Board of Directors. 
The Board of Directors performs the general management of Company activities, except for the questions carried by the legislation to exceptional competence of general shareholder meeting.
Daily company management is carried out by executive body, in the person of the president of the Company elected by Board of Directors.
Company history 
Sources of the Company started in far 1995.  Between open joint stock company "Kyrgyzneftegaz" and joint-stock company with limited liability "Petrokyrgyzstan" (Jersey) the agreement on creation of joint venture JSC Kyrgyz Petroleum Company was reached. 

Share fractions between participants of this transaction were distributed 50/50. 
After signing of the Investment Agreement with the Government of the Kyrgyz Republic in December 1995, the foreign investor provided investment means for financing of obligations under the Investment Agreement, including an original contribution for construction of oil refinery (Refinery) and development of oil fields.

The construction of oil refinery in Jalal-Abad city began in January 1996 and was completed in established periods - in September of 1996.
The oil refinery of CJSC "KPC" was solemnly opened on October 6, 1996. 
In June 1996 the Company began the development of fields with use of the special equipment necessary for these activities in the Kyrgyz Republic. 
Preliminary technical evaluation of fields showed that the hydraulic rupture of petro bearing layers is the most effective and profitable method of improving of oil production. 
The test program including 21 oil wells began in October 1996.
By the end of 1996, the investor completely fulfilled obligations on investing of volume of funds provided as the obligation under documents of the Company, and continued to invest in development of oil refinery and fields. 
At the same time the additional tanks and loading equipment for the oil refinery adaptation to new conditions were installed.
New technical enhancements at oil refinery were carried out in 1998-2001 for increase in octane number of produced gasoline. 
It was caused by increase in number of the foreign modern machines imported to Kyrgyzstan. 
In 2006 the construction of two tanks of volume 2000 m3 each, with floating roofs, for storage of light oil products was started. 
In the spring of 2007 these tanks were completely constructed and put in operation. In 2009 the construction of two more tanks of volume 2000 m3 each was scheduled.  Project documents were prepared and all necessary operations were carried out. 
But due to the objective reasons at that time, these operations weren't performed.  The construction of these two tanks was executed during the period from 2010 up to 2012.  Commissioning was made in the fall of 2012. 
In 2012 the Company paused activities for oil production from own wells and concentrated the attention on oil refining and other types of raw materials.
November 6, 2012 became historical date for the Company.  This day all necessary documents on purchase by OJSC "Kyrgyzneftegaz" of 50% of shares belonging to "Petro Kyrgyzstan LTD" were completely processed. Thus, OJSC "Kyrgyzneftegaz" became the single shareholder of CJSC "Kyrgyz Petroleum Company". 
After acquisition of CJSC "Kyrgyz Petroleum Company", OJSC "Kyrgyzneftegaz" became the single enterprise which has the finished cycle of production, beginning from exploration works and oil production and finishing by production and implementation of oil products.
Staff of the enterprise in March, 2012 created "Primary Trade-union Organization", now being a part of trade-union committee of OJSC "KNG".  Muratali Sultanovich Toroyev working at a position of the shift supervisor of production department of the Company was elected as the chairman of the trade-union organization of CJSC "KPC". 
Our employees, members of the trade-union organization, get an opportunity, free of charge according to permits for treatment and rest, to go to preventorium and the health resorts of Kyrgyzstan that occurs for the first time for all history of existence of the Company. 
Besides, there is an opportunity for employees wishing to send their children to summer camp of OJSC "KNG" according to trade-union permits.
In 2013 the Company underwent big changes.  The organization structure of the Company was completely considered; new positions and departments were entered.
Instead of foreign specialists who stopped the operation in the Company, the local specialists came, having a sufficient set of knowledge, ability and skills. 
In whole 2013 was successful for the company.  The company got unprecedented net profit and fulfilled obligations perfectly well in front of the shareholder. 
So, in 2013 the Company realized the return of original deposits of OJSC "Kyrgyzneftegaz" for the amount of 6 million 200 thousand dollars of the USA. For comparing for all history of existence of the Company (from 1996 up to 2012) this index made up 7 million 600 thousand dollars of the USA.
Company plans.
By specialists of the Company it was developed the strategy of organizational and technical development of the company for the next three years within which it is planned to upgrade the Refinery with installation of processes of secondary processing of raw materials with increase in depth of selection. 
In particular, the Business-plan on installation of the equipment of a catalytic cracking by using the modern technologies was developed. 
This technology will allow the refinery to increase depth of selection of light fractions from available raw materials that finally will increase cash flows at the Company and will increase attractiveness of processing of raw materials at refinery of Company for her clients.
Within framework of staff professional development for 2014 it is planned to carry out a row of actions directed on increases of level of knowledge and abilities of employees of the Company by involvement of foreign specialists.
It is planned to increase volume of production, products, by saving the current wastage rate. 
All financial performance it is planned to hold at former level and to hold organizational and technical activities on optimization of expenses.
Within company strategy for 2014 it is scheduled to realize the following types of operations:

1 . Design of installation of secondary processing of mazut.

2 . Preparation of the contract on construction of unit.

3 . Receiving coordination and permissions for construction of unit.

4 . Construction of shelter over a retention pond.

5  .  Preparation of the plan of upgrade of treatment facilities of Refinery taking into account construction of unit of secondary processing of mazut. 

In conclusion we can tell that the Company works stably, in a scheduled normal condition. 
The staff of CJSC "KPC" is solid and morale condition inside of collective is positive. 
The company is going further to make all efforts directed on effective production of products, improvement of quality and close cooperation with partners.